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Audio Interview The Saint Louis Crisis Nursery is seeing an increased demand.


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Crisis nurseries like the Saint Louis Crisis Nursery, are seeing increased demand for their services as the economy continues to falter. The stress of supporting her two children weighs heavy on single mother, Sharita, who has been looking for a job for the past year. Among the many services offered to parents, she benefits from the Crisis Nursery’s counseling service, as well as their childcare.

AUDIO 250 Sharita :12 “When I first took them to the Crisis Nursery, I could see that they are really good with kids. They’re always 24-hours, even if you can’t talk to your counselor, you can always call the nursery and they have someone you can talk to, and it’s made a big difference.”

The Saint Louis Crisis Nursery opened its doors 25 years ago as the first-of-its-kind in the nation. Now dozens have followed the model, offering parental counseling, financial support, and a short term safe-haven while parents overcome what ever challenge they face, whether it’s homelessness, domestic violence or just exhaustion.

The Saint Louis Crisis Nursery has five locations in the metropolitan area with nurseries and support centers. The organization has a 24-hour call center to help parents and offer a short term safe-haven when needed. CEO DiAnne Mueller explains what a benefit it is to parents who don’t otherwise have a support system.

AUDIO 251 CEO DiAnne Mueller :14 “It’s amazing what a day or two difference can make when she has some time to herself, and to regroup and we take care of the kids, everything is provided for them, and we don’t send the kids home until home is a safe place.”

Teira also benefits from the Saint Louis Crisis Nursery. A single mother, she was laid off while on maternity leave with her second child. She’s been unable to find stable employment, and the Nursery has helped pay her rent to avoid eviction. She says she doesn’t know what she would have done without the help.

AUDIO 252 Teira :12 “I have no clue. In big trouble I do know that, in big trouble. Sometimes I feel really overwhelmed. When I thought I was going to come back after maternity leave there was nothing to come back to, so it was a big blow.”

The Saint Louis Crisis Nursery helps more then 72-hundred children a year, from birth to age 12.

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