5 KDSK: Benefit held for injured St. Louis City police officers

5 KDSK: Benefit held for injured St. Louis City police officers

Three months after a serious car accident, a St. Louis City police officer is speaking out about her recovery. She and her partner were on a routine patrol when another driver t-boned them.

Officer Sheena Smith was sitting on the passenger side of the patrol car. Her partner and close friend, Officer Gary Glasby, was driving along Chambers and North Broadway when their vehicle was hit. Glasby sustained a serious brain injury. Smith says they’ve promised to work together, to get through this difficult recovery.

Officer Smith said she has replayed the March 17 crash in her mind.

“It’s been hard for me, because I’ve been worried about him,” Smith said.

She is recovering from two broken ribs, torn tissues in her neck and injuries to her back. Officer Glasby is undergoing rehabilitation at a facility in Colorado for injuries to his brain.

“We kind of made a vow to each other to mentally and physically help each other get through once he gets back to St. Louis,” Smith said.

Two weeks ago, she visited her dear friend in the hospital.

“We talked about him giving his all and giving 100%, so that he can get back to his healthy self,” she said. Smith said Glasby’s spirits are high, but that his recovery will be a long one.

At Gran Cru Cigars in Soulard, the community cashed in their poker chips and submitted their raffle tickets, in an effort to raise money for these two St. Louis police officers.

“We call them for their support when we need them and then they are also put in situations that can endanger their lives as well,” said Cindy Storz, the chair of Sunday’s fundraiser, and a member of the Soulard community.

“Sometimes the enemy makes you think that you’re alone and you don’t have anybody,” Smith said. “And I’ve never met these people before, maybe once, twice, and it really makes me feel good to know that the community loves you and the businesses love you and appreciate what you do.”

Smith tells 5 On Your Side, she is no longer patrolling for the time being. She says she does not want to rush the healing process. And that, in time, will decide what the next best route for her will be.

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