Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing

360 Degree Strategic Marketing Insights & Planning

Our 360° strategic planning process will provide a deep understanding of your organization, its position in the marketplace, and key sales opportunities. The process will guide us in developing cohesive, effective marketing strategies, messages, tactics, materials and tools.

This initial investment in a strategic planning process will enhance your marketing efficiencies, position your brand and support ongoing business development.

The Strategic Insights™ process includes:

  • Strategic Insights™ Strategy Sessions – Through a guided executive planning session, our analysis and a follow-up session, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of your target markets, competition, positioning in the marketplace, opportunities, and most effective marketing themes and messages. We also review and assess the effectiveness of your current marketing materials and website.
  • Credibility Creation™ Client Interviews – Our one-on-one interviews with your clients will add an outsider’s perspective to the process, elicit rich marketing information, and deliver valuable testimonial quotes that you just don’t get through day-to-day communications.
  • Strategic Marketing Plan – We develop an executable marketing plan to support business development efforts. We will provide a detailed marketing plan with measurable goals, tactics and budgets for implementation.
  • Themes – The Strategic Insights™ Process will inform us in creating powerful themes and brand messaging for your marketing/proposal materials.