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T Beats Recording Artists

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Brianna Elise Brown

Brianna is a fascinating young lady with class and poise beyond her years. She has a voice capable of seamlessly gliding through different styles and time periods. It seems the world has found its new “voice.”

On November 11th, 1996 Brianna Elise Brown was born in Queens, New York to proud parents, Monica Black and Joseph Brown. She moved to St. Louis, Missouri in 2002. As a young girl Brianna knew she wanted to become a singer and from that point on, began convincing everyone around her that she was going to be one. By the age of 8 Brianna began taking piano lessons, quickly advancing to play classical and contemporary music making her a solid double threat.

While attending Central Visual and Performing Arts High School, Brianna found the creative platform to cultivate her musical skill and added acting in musical theater to present a triple threat. Brianna has been highlighted in piano recitals, musicals, one act plays and countless vocal performances in and outside of the school setting.

Currently, under the guidance of T Beats, Brianna has found a way to express all her talents as a solo artist and in the formulation of a jazz band called Brianna and her Trio, consisting of a keyboardist, a bassist and a drummer. Brianna wrote the lyrics and released her first single “See With Your Mind” at the age of 16.. It is just the beginning, and Brianna has released her first album titled “The Beginning”, a story book of inspiration and feel good rhythms of R&B, Neo-Soul and Jazz.
Brianna joined the TBeats label in 2013. She sings in the style of Jazz, Neo-Soul, R&B, Pop, Opera, Classical and Musical Theater.
Visit Brianna’s website at www.briannaelisebrown.com

A young, vibrant new artist out of St. Louis, Missouri, Annalyse provides uplifting messages through inspirational text and smooth music she writes. As a contributor to the Christian genre, she has a passion for encouraging others through positive lyrics and empowering performances. A current senior in high school, she recently released her first studio album, second record entitled The Tales of a Tattered Heart, and is working to advance her audience and position in the music industry with her new work.

In the past, Annalyse won a local, prestigious singing competition, iSing St. Louis, and as a part of the competition was broadcasted live on the radio, performing her original composition, ‘From Then On.’ In fall of 2013, Annalyse opened for a sold out Tenth Avenue North show, and has had numerous showings at events and conferences in the St. Louis area. In addition to countless performances, she has had recording experience at the world renowned Gaither Studios, working with Grammy award winning sound engineer Chad Evans. Annalyse has a strong desire to share her story with others, inspiring them to get through the struggles that life holds. An advocate for community and unity, she invites you to become part of her story.

Visit Annalyse’s website at www.annalysemusic.com

D-Redd & Cipha
Cipha has been rapping since age of eight. With inspiration coming from Tupac, Scarface, KRS-1, and Rakim, Cipha would like to be known for making quality music that people can relate to and feel a strong emotional tie.

D-Redd (D) is 32 years-old and has been rapping since the age of 13. D was born in Illinois and later moved and was raised in St Louis. With inspiration from his older cousin George Lamonte Brock (R.I.P.) and rappers such as Ice Cube, Scarface, 2Pac, and Snoop Dog his passion for music has encouraged him to learn all aspects of the industry. D-Redd motivates himself to make my music that the whole world can relate to, whether street or commercial.

Cipha and D-Redd have completed one album already and have been featured on multiple award-winning artists albums. They have opened concerts for Jim Jones, DJ Drama, and Nellie and the Lunatics.

Most recently, D-Redd and Cipha teamed up with TBeats Studios and are in studio as we speak finishing up on their current album “We Are The New St. Louis.”

GaBBii is 17 years-old and has been singing since age 3 and acting since the age of 9.

She was selected to sing in Junior Stars at Six Flags at the age of 10. Gabbii had the pleasure of working JPEK Creative Works (JPEK family) which allowed her to appear in a number of productions written and directed by Joel P. E. King, such as Meeting at the Elder’s Circle, Through the Eyes,Real life and Issues of Love starring Kendra C. Johnson from Monique’s Phat Girlz and BET’s The Game.

Her passion is singing which why she is grateful that she has also have the pleasure of meeting Koran Bolden of Street Dreamz Studio, in which she had the opportunity to sing on Fox 2 News and STLTV. Gabbii also won the grand prize for the Street Dreamz Living the Dream Contest partnered with Deltal Dental. Lastly Gabbii was semi-finalist in the Teen Talent Competition hosted by the Fox Theater. Gabbii is the newest member of the Tbeats Live Your Dream Project and will be signed with Tbeats Studios in November 2014.
Visit Gabbii’s website at: www.gabbii.com

Marcus Clay-Nikos, a 21 year-old Junior at Webster University and Saint Louis Native, enjoys singing, writing music, and being out in nature. Marcus would like to Unite the world and bring peace and harmony through my Music!

Marty Griptite
Born in 1986 in Saint Louis, Marty Griptite has quickly emerged onto the scene with a fire and hunger unmatched. With years of experience in production, engineering, and writing, Marty takes the aspect of all around artists to a new level. In 2013 he has produced several tracks for multiple artists in various markets, regions, and countries, landed his song on five different bi-coastal mixtapes, reached number 25 on reverbnation charts in his city, and much more.

You can find Marty’s work on numerous popular social media sites such as myspace, facebook, reverbnation, and soundcloud. You can also find him on soundclick displaying his production skills.
Most recently Marty joined the TBeats team and is collaborating in studio as we speak.
Visit Marty’s website here: www.martygriptite.com

Souls of Liberty
Souls of Liberty are a melodious rap duo focused on pushing the envelope sonically, lyrically, creating a music business empire, and becoming legendary artists. The Souls’ music comes equipped with clever rhymes and raw life experiences. Ryan Escobar and Tenelle Donta cultivated their name and perspective from the harsh realities native to their St. Louis upbringing. The Souls have held steadfast to their vision and progression which has earned them features on DJBooth, The Smoking Section, HipHopDX, Kevin Nottingham as well as opening spots for Kendrick Lamar and Wale. Ryan states “We wanted to touch people around us with positive music and work towards making music our lives.” These young men are truly the epitome of their stage name.
Visit Souls of Liberty’s website: www.soulsoflibertymusic.com

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